Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in nspluginwrapper from development to reporting bugs to testing of new versions. Here are some pointers if you wish to help.


nspluginwrapper's source code is hosted on GitHub. You can check out a copy of the code with:

git clone git://

Report bugs

Bugs are currently tracked in GitHub Issues. Feel free to report bugs there or to the mailing list.

If you do have a bug, please try to add debug data to your report. If you run your browser with

NPW_DEBUG=1 NPW_LOG=nspluginwrapper.log your-browser

a long trace of all plug-in activity will be placed in nspluginwrapper.log. This trace is useful in diagnosing problems.

Mailing list

You can contact nspluginwrapper developers at Or subscribe or view archives here for development information and release announcements.